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Menu: Week of June 23rd (sort of)

Ok, here’s the suggested menu of dinners in no particular order for the week and what I tried to shop for (more on that later):

  • Lettuce wraps, Asia-influenced (that one tonight)
  • Grilled pizza (with Trader Joe’s garlic + herb pizza dough)
  • Pasta with “drooling” meatballs + sauce
  • Chicken enchiladas
  • Steak cut (grill) (not sure what the sides will be)
  • Mini gourmet burgers (not sure what “gourmet” will mean yet)

Now hopefully that holds us off till Monday and then we’ll see what ingredients we have left and what we need to shop for.  Groceries were more expensive than hoped this week, though I’m told a lot of the items will outlast the week.  Hopefully it averages out some.  More on that later.

If you have any particular recipes, tips, or general input for me this week, please let me know 🙂