My name is Nico Sanchez, I love food, wine, and Northern California (well, almost the whole west coast vibe!).

Since I married my lovely wife Stephany in March 2007, she has been the person that took the initiative to make dinners most nights, and I am most appreciative (she cooks so well!).  Now, as of June 2008, after graduating from medical school, she will begin her internal medicine residency, where her hours at home will be minimal and tiring.  It is my turn to step up as head chef of the household kitchen, and I want this to grow into a life-long gift of healthy and delicious food (that’s not expensive, of course).

Stephany and I met in undergrad at Stanford here in NorCal.  We moved to Texas afterward for medical school and quickly wanted to return to California.  After going through the internal medicine residency match process, we very happily find ourselves in Sacramento, California, not too far from where we first met.

As I mentioned above, I love the area, and I want to familiarize myself and embrace it as much as possible.  So here, I will ramble about local Sacramento (Northern California) from the lens of food & wine/beer, but especially from within the home kitchen, supporting the available grocers and farmers, slowly learning and appreciating the best cooking techniques, all in an effort to enjoy life with community responsibility in mind.

An excerpt from this link probably best summarizes part of my perspective in lovely NorCal:

There exists, somewhere between the fearsome mass-ness of the mainstream grocery store and the high-pitched good works of the coop, farmer’s market, or CSA, a world in which low prices are valued slightly higher than locality of the source but, more than anything, the products must be good. Fair-trade, organic, without trans-fatty acids, with fewer artificial colorings or preservatives or Disney characters than all the other products.

I hope you enjoy.


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  2. Hi Nico!
    Welcome back to Cali and thanks for including our blog in your blogroll! If you and Stephany are around this Wednesday evening (July 2), some local food bloggers are getting together for a menu tasting at a new lounge…shoot me an email if you’re interested and I’ll give you more info 🙂

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