Northern California cuisine? New site?

“Does Northern California have a regional cuisine?”  That’s the title of this blog post from the Slow Food Nation site.  In many ways, I think this is what I think Savor SacTown is attempting to address through this blog as I discover home cooking techniques through the various cost-effective and local markets available to me.  Perhaps discovering this regional cuisine is exactly what I’m after, I’m not sure.

Here’s a snippet:

These conditions do not apply in Northern California.  We are a population of immigrants and nomads, constantly in motion.  Hardly any child follows the profession of his parent.  We value individuality and originality over cultural continuity.  We complain if we get the same meal two nights in a row. We have too much wealth, too much freedom, too high an opinion of novelty, and too little history. No matter how brilliant the creation of a chef using local ingredients, the cultural context is unsuitable for it to become the basis of a regional tradition.

What I do know is that Northern California is a food-mecca.  Between the presence of culture in Sacramento and San Francisco, the culinary institute, and don’t forget premium wine country, there is certainy something to be uncovered here.

Before it’s too late, I think I’m going to let this ultimate question affect a change in this blog.  How about savoring SacTown through ???  I’ll migrate the information from here to there and begin customizing the site better… but don’t worry, the focus will remain the same – savoring what Sacramento (and the rest of NorCal) has to offer mainly from within the kitchen, with cost-effective local ingredients.


One response to “Northern California cuisine? New site?

  1. ?? Actually, I didn’t see any noticeable improvement, but then again, I’m not the one paying the server. So far the new one lacks the Sanchez pointers to your sites, etc. I think you should do whatever is best for your pocketbook and time usage. Hopefully your time want get zapped away by becoming an ‘editor’ which must publish an obligatory article every few days. Twitter seems to be less time consuming on your part. I wish you well in whatever you do.

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