Ask: Starting the micro home garden… tips?

Very slowly, I’m reading Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, a narrative that discusses the origins of four meals.  While I’m not finished with the book, the gist is obvious: the current enormous food industry is slowly eating the world’s resources.  The book cheers for local before organic, so in Pollan’s eyes, Farmers Markets are a plus, as well as anything to edibly sustain yourself, such as tiny farms or gardens!

Where we’re living right now, we don’t have the facility for a large scale garden, but every little bit helps.  I introduce you to our current micro-garden formed by the fabulous trio of mint, cilantro, and basil.

Backyard mint Backyard Cilantro
Sweet basil in the backyard

I must confess that this certainly has started off as more of my wife’s project, but one I fully support and I will certainly want to contribute.  We’ve done minimal research here but we are seeing some growth in a very small soil plot we have in the backyard of our home.  We were told that the mint will be one to take over the area, so we’ll be sure to watch out for that.  I’m most excited about the basil though, I think that may be the ingredient I’ll be using the most.  Eventually, if it is space and cost effective, I’d like to add a tomato plant to the garden.

If these plants generate enough of themselves to consume on a regular basis, I will be somewhat surprsied but very happy!  The specific plants we purchased were from a local shop, but I’ve seen basil in pots outside of Trader Joe’s (I love the mentality of that store).  I wonder if Michael Pollan does the same thing 😉 ?  This certainly would be local urban Sacramento food!  What do you other fellow SacTowners have in your garden that grows well here?  Anyone with general tips?


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