Lettuce wraps, take 1

So, official first night as “head chef” of my two-person household went well with lettuce wraps.  My “inspiration” for the lettuce wraps were some I had eaten at a restaurant before, I used no pre-defined recipe here.

Lettuce Wrap meal

It took just over one hour to complete these wraps which I thought came out pretty well.  First, I made about 1/3 cup of rice seasoned with olive oil and red-pepper flakes (heated on the oil before adding water).  Next I started sautéing 2 boneless chicken breasts in vegetable oil, one side seasoned with garlic, the other side splashed with soy sauce.  After flipping the chicken, I added a good handful of peanuts into the pan to sauté with the chicken.  In the mean time, I diced up a serrano pepper and a few flakes of cilantro.  When the chicken was done, I diced it up with the peanuts.  Lime was occasionally squeezed over everything except the rice.  All the above was put into a pot with additional splashes of olive oil and soy sauce, mixed with a large spoon.

On the side, I boiled green-beans and then seasoned with lemon pepper.  Oranges were cut with slices put on the side of the plate (my thought here was that the sweetness and acidity from the orange would contrast well with the salted flavor from the lettuce wrap filling).  From a fresh head of lettuce, I rinsed a few leaves and added the initial serving of the lettuce “filling” and placed to the side of the grean-beans and orange slices.  I put some extra soy sauce on the side, of course.

My plating of home Lettuce Wraps

So, I wonder how I added up in terms of local and organic: I think somewhat questionable.  The chicken is from Trader Joe’s with all the “no hormone, additives” Organic speak, but the only location shown is the TJ’s headquarters Monrovia, CA.  So I’m not totally sure where these chickens are from.  Also from TJ’s were the peanuts and cilantro.  A more general grocery store supplied the lettuce head, the pepper, green-beans, and the generic rice (Mahatma brand… though I consider rice to be be more among non-controversial foods).  The Sacramento farmers market supplied the sweet orange.  The most costly ingredient is probably the chicken, the least probably being the rice.  Any tips on how to keep the price down and do this more locally?  Any general thoughts on the meal?


One response to “Lettuce wraps, take 1

  1. You can make your rice special. When I cook mine, I use one cup of Welch’s homemade grape wine as one of the cups of liquid and one cup of soy milk as another one of the cups. This way, the rice is an entree all its on, but is super added with other stuff. I usually cook 3 cups of rice grain at a time, and freeze whatever I have no need for at the moment. Also, insofar as I am Vegan, I do not have a meat cost.

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